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Below is our latest update.  We are here for you, and there are so many ways below that we all can be here for our region.  
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Hey Suncrest,

Thanks (again!) for sharing the WHOLE Suncrest experience so widely – both the online services and serving our region.  People who have never stepped foot in our church are experiencing you in this season.  Can you believe over 2300 households have already experienced last weekend’s service on Youtube?  Hundreds more on the website/App.
As awesome as that is…your impact on serving the region is even greater.  Groups doing this together.  Individuals showing up.  And people who aren’t even part of our church are diving in with us!  Here are options to engage or share: OurBlood Donation was cancelled for this Sunday, but you can register here for EASTER Sunday April 12 and here for April 19.  Email Jared to work this Wednesday or Thursday on a Habitat for Humanity house that needs to get secured before they can pause construction.  You can also email Jared if you would deliver for Meals on Wheels in the region.  And keep pointing people to for our childcare for healthcare workers and delivery of medications.  (And Park Place nursing facility THANKS YOU for all the boomboxes!)
This week a local hospital reached out to us about making masks for them – and other facilities in the region.  I was surprised at their need for all kinds of masks – for many different applications.  The hospital connected us with this website (Facebook Group here) so we are all in to serve healthcare workers in this way.  And it may be the “at home” serving option you’ve been waiting for!
So…who knows how to sew?  Suncrest is a designated drop-off location (M-F, 8am-4pm).  There are patterns available on the website/Facebook page.  The pages are a bit chaotic so we have three passionate and skilled Suncrest leaders to help directly with any questions about patterns, materials, etc.  You can email them at these links: Maureen Reiser, Vickie Thomas, Sheila Zack.  We’ve already had hundreds of masks dropped off here!
Thanks for who you are – used by God to change lives.  You inspire me.