In Essentials … Unity.
In Non-Essentials … Liberty.
In all things … Love.

Everything we believe rests on the resurrection of Jesus. He is God’s son who died on the cross for our redemption. In the
resurrection, He demonstrated He is Lord of all.

God is relational. He is the sovereign Creator and the Lord of all that exists. He is one and yet exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit lives in believers and provides everything necessary to live within the will of God.

Human Beings were created in the image of God, but we have all trusted ourselves instead of Him, resulting in sin.

Sin is our rebellion against God. It generates the brokenness we experience in this world, and the need for redemption in Christ.

Salvation is an act of God’s love and grace, free to anyone who trusts Christ as Lord.

The Scriptures accurately document the story of God, describing four movements: Creation itself was perfect. Our rebellion breeds the Brokenness we experience. Yet, God loves us as
we are and provides for Redemption in Christ. Ultimately, one day God will bring the Restoration of all things. As followers of Jesus, we embrace the New Covenant Christ established, a calling to love people just as Christ loved us.