Followers of Jesus should be the best people to work with and work for (regardless of where you work).

One of the reasons why Suncrest is a great place to work is because of our mission: being used by God to change lives.

As a team, we are constantly developing ourselves to be the healthiest and hardest working people-developers possible. It requires:
  • a teachable attitude
  • a humble approach
  • a confidence to lead boldly
  • a willingness to admit when we’re missing the mark

We also pay careful attention to the people and trends around us because we believe there is nothing more important than helping lost people reconnect with the God who loves them like crazy.

In recognition of this cultural pursuit, great team-building skills, and strong work ethic, Suncrest has been recognized by the Best Christian Workplaces Institute as a Best Christian Workplace in 2022 and 2023. 


Our values aren’t just the words we say—they’re entrenched in who we are and everything we do.

Staff tell us that at Suncrest:
  • The leadership act with integrity and work hard to accomplish the mission.
  • The mentorship from my direct report has been hugely impactful for me.
  • I love the high leadership expectations correlated with generous compensation/time off.
  • I know I can rely on others for help if I need it, even in different departments.
  • There is a clear vision.
  • Supervisors are flexible when family/life events pop up.
  • We have an unwavering commitment to execute decisions.
  • Conflict and drama are low.
  • It is a fast-paced, fun-filled environment.
  • Staff members are authentic and approachable.


Many of our positions do not require experience working in vocational ministry. In fact, we hire skilled and talented people from a variety of professional fields. What’s most important is how someone fits the Suncrest culture. We are here to nurture, grow, and develop your skills and gifts as you serve.


Suncrest offers employees competitive wages, health insurance, retirement plan contributions, flexible scheduling, development opportunities, and other benefits to help you thrive and grow in your career.


Worship Pastor
Full Time Employment & Benefits Package
The weekend service serves as a critical component for accomplishing our mission. The successful Worship Pastor will craft transformational weekend experiences that are outward-focused, creative, and maintain excellence. It is the most important part of this job. We want to move people in the service and move people forward beyond the service. As we aim at unchurched people, we communicate directly what it looks like to follow Jesus. We are intentional and unapologetic about reaching the younger demographic.

The successful pastor must also build and develop healthy, aligned volunteer teams. People-development is essential. Though these are smaller teams than in some other areas, the right skills and mix of volunteers if of utmost importance.

Want to learn more? Download the full job description here: