Kids FAQ

Do I need to register my child?

You may register your child online here or we recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the service time so that you have ample time to get your child checked into class the first time.

Where do I go?

Check-in desks are located in both kids’ hallways (nursery/preschool & elementary).

What security measures are in place?

Secured Environment: Upon check-in each week, you will receive a Parent Tag which contains a 3-digit alphanumeric code which corresponds with your child’s name tag label. This number is checked as you pick up your child. All volunteers over the age of 18 are background checked and all volunteers wear identifying labels that permit them into the SuncrestKids area.

Parent Texting System: Keep your phone nearby as we will text you during service if your child needs you.

Strict Two-Deep Policy: While in SuncrestKids environments, your child will always be with two or more unrelated contributors. No volunteer is ever alone with a child.

Emergency Preparation: Plans are in place and volunteers are trained to handle emergencies such as fire evacuation, severe weather, or lock down. Additionally, there is a uniformed officer on the premises for all of our services to provide readily available assistance for any type of emergency, and also to serve as a visual deterrent for any potential wrongdoing.

What do you do to provide a clean environment?

Toys and soft items (blankets, burp cloths, etc.) in the nursery and preschool areas are disinfected after each service. Additionally, toys that have been mouthed are removed from reach of other children throughout the service hour.

How do you know what my child needs?

Please give the classroom staff any special instructions related to the care of your child when dropping off your child. All bottles, cups, and pacifiers should be labeled with the child’s name or initials. Forgot to label your child’s item? Just ask us for supplies! Please leave “lovies” or special blankets in your child’s bag or at your child’s classroom counter.

What if my child needs a diaper change?

Diapers are changed on an as-needed basis. Creams and/or salves are not applied to the children. Diaper changing stations are sanitized after every diaper change. Parents can be texted to change their child if requested.

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