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Here at Suncrest, we are For the Region.
This page includes all the ways we're meeting needs in the NWI community, as well as all the ways you can help.
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Hey Suncrest,

I know it was Memorial Day weekend, but if you missed the online service I want you to think of this one as mandatory. In answering a simple question about masks, I actually had the chance to talk about the most important thing Jesus expects from His followers. So much that if you DON’T do this, you CAN’T really call yourself a follower of Jesus! (Hint…it’s what Jesus did. And followers do what He did.)

I posted this video last night about our plan for re-gathering in person. I describe the next two months, but especially how everything will begin on Saturday, June 13. Watch for this email next Tuesday to sign up for your part in this epic #ForTheRegion event!

Let’s talk Diapers:
  • The need is surging. We’ve had dozens of struggling families ask for our help. Some are from Suncrest, but most are from the community. Lots of single parents. Many have needs for more than one child. We LOVE that this has struck a chord --- so keep posting online and pointing anyone who could use help to https://www.suncrest.org/help.
  • Help us meet the need. You are off to a great start with donating diapers. The picture below is just part of what has come in so far. Jared tells me all sizes are needed, but there is a special need for pull-ups. Drop off at Suncrest 8am-4pm weekdays or 8am-1pm Sundays.
I took the picture above when I came to donate blood on Sunday. Great story: Beyond the two workers (heroes to me!), I ran into April who had just finished giving – and an aunt of hers who was currently giving. Then another aunt of hers walked in right after I took the picture. That’s our path to make the biggest impact – you sign up and then ask some friends/family to join you! Links for this Sunday and two more are here: May 31, June 14, June 21.

Thanks for all you are doing…see you on June 13!


P.S. Mask-makers, I’m trying to calculate something: If you have sewn masks, would you just reply to this email with an estimated number you have been able to make? Doesn’t have to be precise. Thanks!